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Enhance Dental’s price match guarantee gives you peace of mind. Simply make a booking for your consultation and be confident to start Invisalign treatment straight away. 


We only use a highly qualified dentist to do all your Invisalign treatment for every single appointment with almost 20 years of experience (no nurses or hygienists). This ensures you have treatment dedicated to you by a passionate and caring dentist. This helps you get the very best results Invisalign can provide.


We offer an affordable Invisalign cost with a tailored payment plan. This means you can get the Invisalign treatment you want and pay as you go!


*terms and conditions listed below

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Invisalign cost


Our Lowest Fees with Outstanding Results

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Enhance Dental will price match any certified Australian quotation


based on 2 weekly aligner changes





19 plus


(After viewing your virtual computer plan)






Zip Pay Payment Plans

(deposit required - estimate shown will be tailored to your needs)











Free Records*

(Valued at $590)

Up to 50% Faster Treatment*


Free Retainers*

(valued at $490 for 1 upper and lower) or pay only $495 for the highest quality Invisalign Retainers (Vivera Retainers) for half the usual fee of $990 and receive 3 upper and 3 lower Vivera retainers

Invisalign Teen


Free Teeth
& Tooth Brush

(valued at $490)

Free Cosmetic

(e.g small chips or unevenly worn - valued at $690)

Free Cosmetic

(e.g pointy canines, rough edges)

Free Extra Aligners

(if required to optimise result - limits are determined by Invisalign)
  • Your Invisalign Records (Valued at $590) includes a customised 3D  digital scan and is part of the entire cost and not an extra cost. This includes photographic records and animated computer models (Clincheck) of your teeth moving incrementally stage by stage.
  • We will adjust your computer modelling to suit your individual needs at no extra fee. This allows you to see the expected results before your Invisalign treatment commences.Invisalign Price Match Guaranteed

    Invisalign elite platinum provider

Although the Invisalign cost is our lowest fee, there is no compromise on the highest quality Invisalign treatment. We include numerous Free* inclusions and almost 20 years of experience!

    • Invisalign Express – only suitable for very minor crowding, spacing or slight relapse after braces in 7 stages or less
    • Invisalign Lite – suitable for minor crowding and spacing in 8-14 stages
    • Invisalign Full – suitable for a wider variety of crowding and spacing issues in 15-26 stages
    • Invisalign Advanced – suitable for more advanced crowding and spacing issue in 27-35 stages
    • Invisalign Complex – suitable for more complex crowding and spacing issues or when extractions may be required in 36 stages plus

See more details about Invisalign Teen here

Before Invisalign (click to enlarge)
After InvisalignInvisalign was used to widen the arches and straighten out the front left buck tooth. Notice the swollen puffy gum on the upper left side around the lateral incisor was a major concern for the patient. Fortunately, the gum has dramatically improved without any surgical treatment. This patient traveled for hours to see us. The results obtained was even better than we could have imagined.

View more amazing Invisalign Before & Afters exclusively done by Enhance Dental here

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Our Dental Scanner means you don't need gooey impressions that could make you gag!
Firstly we do a comfortable high tech and very accurate  3d Digital scan of your mouth . Also, there is no need to use any gooey impressions or moulds that could make you gag.

The 3D model allows you to see this amazing technology of the virtual ‘before and after’ results. Hence you get to see this prior to approving your Invisalign treatment. Furthermore a 3D movie file is also available for you to keep at no extra cost.

This includes two comprehensive scheduled appointments, digital set up fees and digital photos.  Dr Paino will spend hours creating the entire virtual ‘before and after’ digital 3D process at no extra cost.

Interest Free Payment Plans*
Invisalign cost includes Free* extras

After your Invisalign consultation with a very experienced and highly regarded Invisalign dentist, Dr Joseph Paino we offer the following Free* extras:

  • Free Invisalign Records (valued at $590)
  • Orthodontic X-rays are prescribed at no charge (OPG and Lateral Ceph referral for all Medicare card holders)
  • A comprehensive Free* Invisalign information pack explaining all the details
  • Free* dental products including Invisalign cleaning crystals, tooth paste and also an extra soft tooth brush
  • Free* – One upper and one lower retainer to prevent relapse (Valued at $495) or you can purchase three upper and three lower retainers called Vivera® retainers (made by Invisalign) for only half the usual fee. (one time only savings when Invisalign treatment has been paid for in total)
  • Free* teeth whitening after Invisalign treatment (Valued at $490)
  • Free* cosmetic reshaping if required (e.g. minor gentle smoothing of rough edges or pointy canine teeth)
  • Free* bonding if required of chipped, worn or uneven incisal edges of teeth (Valued up to $690)
*Terms & conditions
– Invisalign cost varies depending on the complexity of your treatment. We will provide a thorough consultation to determine suitability. The fees quoted may be reduced if you receive any dental rebates from your private dental health insurer.

– A deposit of $590 is required once you proceed with Invisalign records. This deposit goes towards the entire cost of your Invisalign treatment and is non refundable.

– Price Match Guarantee. Enhance Dental will price match any genuine written quotation from any Certified Invisalign Provider who currently practices in Australia and the quotation is dated from 1st Jan 2020 onwards. The number of stages required must be indicated in the Invisalign treatment quotation and fit within the Invisalign protocols to predictably move a tooth.

– Only your treating Enhance dental practitioner can determine which Invisalign product is suitable for your needs. This depends on your treatment results obtained from your 3D computer Clincheck modelling that will show you the virtual before and after incrementally over the various stages required.

– An up front payment/deposit with scheduled payments will entitle you to all the free extras.

– Up to 50% faster treatment depends on each individual Invisalign treatment. Align technology (Invisalign) has advised if a tooth requires rotations, extrusions or large root movements then up to two weekly aligner changes may still be required.

– The Invisalign cost and treatment time varies. If the Invisalign aligners are changed more often than every two weeks this will speed up the treatment in suitable cases. However, this does not reduce the Invisalign cost of treatment. Invisalign chewies or Acceledent or VPro5 mouth appliances may also help to speed up Invisalign treatment up to half the time for Invisalign Full, Advanced or Complex treatments.  You simply use the chewies or  high-tech electronic appliances in the mouth up to 20 minutes per day. As a result, the stimulation or tiny vibrations produced by the appliance helps to stimulate faster tooth movement.

– After Invisalign treatment it is important to wear an upper and lower removable retainer at night lifelong. This will help prevent any major relapse.

– Interest free payment plans requires a deposit and are only available to approved applicants.

– Cosmetic reshaping (odontoplasty) involves very minimal smoothing of any pointy, jagged or rough edges on your front teeth. The dentist will determine if this is suitable for your teeth. Some slight sensitivity may occur during or for a short period after the procedure. This can be helped with the use of desensitising toothpaste which we are happy to supply you.

– Cosmetic bonding involves minor repairs of small tooth chips or defects with tooth coloured composite resin only on the biting surfaces (incisal edges) of your front teeth. The dentist will determine if this is suitable for your teeth. Note the bonding may not last, other more permanent methods may be required and this is not included in the costs of your Invisalign treatment.

– Before commencing Invisalign treatment patients must have had a general dental check-up, bitewing radiographs (x-rays), a scale and clean and any required dental work completed within the last 6 months. Enhance dental can provide these services so that you do not need to go and see multiple dentists. This holistic approach helps to maintain your overall dental health.

– The Invisalign cost does not include a general dental check-up and clean. However, we can also quote and provide any dental treatment you require prior to Invisalign treatment.

– Free teeth whitening is only available with Invisalign treatment after it has been paid for in full and any dental issues such as gum disease or decay must be treated before doing any teeth whitening procedures. Enhance Dental supplies you with free whitening gel after your attachments are removed. Your retainers are used for 30 minutes per day for 10 to 14 days. Before any teeth whitening procedures are done a recent examination and clean at Enhance Dental is required. Bitewing radiographs (x-rays) will need to be updated if they are more than two years old.  Your suitability for teeth whitening will be assessed as some patients may not be suitable for teeth whitening procedures. For example, fillings and any other types of restorations will not lighten, results may vary, some people can have strong teeth sensitivity for several days This can be helped with the use of desensitising toothpaste which we are happy to supply you. Not all tooth enamel will whiten or whiten evenly and sometimes tooth enamel can whiten more in some areas than others.

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Dr Joseph Paino is very proud of receiving Invisalign’s prestigious awards – Elite Platinum Provider and Platinum Provider* . One of the first Invisalign accredited Dentists is Dr Joseph Paino. Also, he has over 30 years of orthodontic experience and most noteworthy is almost 19 years of Invisalign experience.

Our amazing lnvisalign before and after gallery  showcases a huge variety of smile solutions using Invisalign (straight teeth, no braces). Furthermore, Dr Joseph Paino at Enhance Dental has done all the Invisalign treatments shown.

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Please note, as every situation is unique, the smile gallery images shown cannot represent a guarantee of outcome. In conclusion, any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Therefore, before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. ©copyright

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